Is there a weight restriction?
Yes, kind of. The limit is actually more on the harness size rather than weight. If you can fit onto our harness, you are good to go. Most people under the weight of 220lbs can fit onto our harness. If you weight more than 220lbs, please come to our studio to try on the harness first, BEFORE registering a class.
What do I wear?
If you are new to BungeeWorkout, we suggest to wear two layers of shorts or leggings. (Or any shorts that has padding in it.) Once you are getting used to our system, then you can decide to add more layer or lossen some. We also suggest fitted top because you will also be help upside down on some moves.
What else should I bring with me?
may be a bottle of water? because you gonna get pretty sweaty!
What is Bungee Fit Interval?
Compare to our Bungee Fit 101, Interval class is much more active. Our instruction would bring in Interval training to make you sweat more =). If you want to hype up the BungeeWorkout training, this is the class you want to get in. If this is your first time, but you have been in training regularly and actively, this may be for you as well.
Who shouldn't do BungeeWorkout?
Those who have a recent surgery of any kind. Also, if you have a chronic pain or medical condition that involve shoulders, backs, lower backs, wrists, hands. Always consult with a physician before doing BungeeWorkout.
Yes, you must sign a waiver. Waiver can be signed on MindBody when you register first time with us.
What does waitlist mean?
This means the class is full. You may still register into waitlist, and our schedulling vendor (MindBody) would let you know if anyone dropped out before the class begin. When you are notify of such, you will have the option of continue register into the class, or NOT to register into this class.
Can I cancel my class?
Yes, you may do it on MindBody. Refund will be made in a form of credit, which you may use to register another class. If you decide you can't come to a class that you've register, please start the refund process as soon as possible, so you aren't holding up the spot from other members. Any refund should be made a day prior to the class. We may not be able to refund for the same-day cancellation.

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